Friday, 1 December 2017

VR roller coaster

The 5th Dimension combines virtual reality technology with the entertainment industry, both thrilling ride experiences and interactive gaming. Exciting visual perception, real scene simulation, and thrilling plot experience, is very popular in the international market, and now starting to become popular in the USA, which means you can get in on the ground-floor of this booming industry, making investors big profits! Based on our expertise in dynamic platform and simulation technology, The 5th Dimension pioneers the virtual reality industry with the ground-breaking 5D VR Motion Ride. Why Choose 5D, VR from The 5th Dimension? We are a manufacturer and wholesale supplier that combines virtual reality, motion, special effects with an easy set-up, plug and play platform. We use only the highest quality parts and workmanship. We guarantee our products for 1 full year, with outstanding, and quick service maintenance and support. The electric platform consists of six strong electric cylinders with six independent motors, and two parallel iron platforms. The motors control cylinders to move up and down, and then cylinders push the platform to move from different angles. Small footprint, as little as 100 sq. ft. is needed Plug and play set up. Full automatic mode, requires just 1 person for operation. Professional after-sale service, lifelong maintenance. Strong After-Sales Support. Continuous updated new 5D VR games and movies, latest updated software, professional marketing and advertising system helps you succeed!
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Hi, my name is Steve Walker, and I am passionate about sharing one of my passions, virtual entertainment. I am a seasoned business person that has reinvented myself with manufacturing the ultimate virtual reality thrill ride - 5D Motion Thrill Ride. I've had many successful prior businesses over the past 35 years, and am bringing that experience to The 5th Dimension.
What originally inspired myself to this industry was a family trip to Disneyland when I was 12 years old. I fell in love with a feature presentation called Circarama, situated in Tomorrowland. About 100 people would file in to a large room with large projector screens placed an entire 360 degrees. While standing, it was a must to hold onto the handrails, or face the perils of falling over! I remember the was called, "America the Beautiful," which had aerial views of places like Mt Rushmore and the Grand Canyon. I felt like I was actually in the airplane, because you could look in all directions, just like you would in a airplane. As the plane pitched and rolled, it threw your equilibrium off balance, resulting in a firm grip on the handrails! I'll never forget this experience, and have always dreamed of recreating something similar so that others could have a similar experience VR roller coaster

 My goal was to build the ultimate stationary thrill ride, similar to what you might find at Universal Studios or Disneyland, and possibly better. After visiting many hydraulic and part manufactures all over the world, and years of testing, we have finally put together the ultimate stationary thrill rides and planetarium dome experiences VR roller coaster.


The 5th Dimension
PO Box 2312
Arvada, CO 80001
Phone (303) 981-1456
Address: 5929 Newcombe Ct Arvada, CO 80004

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